Adam Rumack
Executive Co-Director

Adam has a Masters in Business Administration from the Monterey (Middleberry) Institute of International Studies and a BA in Modern Literary Studies from UC Santa Cruz.  He has traveled widely and is a lifelong learner.  He teaches daily yoga classes in the Ashtanga Mysore tradition at the Ojai Yoga Shala, which he began with his partner Alana Mitnick in 2016.  He shares council in California State Prisons and guides workshops in Ojai, at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, and at organizations in the US and abroad.  

I was initiated into the world of mystery, wildness, and community as a high school senior visiting The Ojai Foundation in 2000 on a rites-of-passage trip. Since 2011, I have courted this mystery as a council trainer, wilderness guide, and steward of TOF’s work in Southern California and beyond. This place has allowed tremendous growth and positive transformation for me and so many others, and it’s an honor to serve this world-changing organization.

Miriam Tassone
Executive Co-Director

Miriam Joy Tassone is known as a thought leader in the area of individual and organizational transformation. Starting life as a theatre and film director, Miriam quickly developed a passion for using her "tools of the trade"‚Äč in the service of community transformation. After developing a dual interest in business and education, Miriam began designing and delivering leadership programs and change efforts for organizations across the globe. Miriam is currently focused on her role as executive co-director of The Ojai Foundation while continuing to teach and lead collective wisdom practices.

For many years I struggled to realize my ideals within the social and cultural structures that I had been taught and eventually surrendered to disappointment and burnout. I let go of my business, my career, my mortgage, and my marriage in order to be fully aligned to my path. The Ojai Foundation met me in my soul's calling, in its grand experiment of connection, community, and care. I have fully immersed myself in this grand experiment. I am committed to the awakening of the highest possibility of life on Earth. To expand the connections between ceremony and business; nature and people; community and individual; innovation and tradition. And to know what it is to to love and be loved, to hold and be held.

Julie Mino
Operations Manager

Julie joined The Ojai Foundation in 2016. She has a diverse background in non-profit event planning and donor cultivation as well as corporate event planning for high-end resorts. She is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, having studied under Guru Singh, Kia Miller, Krishna Kaur, and many other wonderful teachers. She teaches in the community and leads retreats throughout the world. She looks forward to supporting and strengthening the community she calls home through The Ojai Foundation's many transformational programs.

It is so humbling to be a part of The Ojai Foundation, a place with deep roots and tradition that many have called home over the years. After setting my intention to work for an organization rich in community, healing, and individuality, I was blessed to find The Ojai Foundation and feel welcomed with loving arms. As Operations Manager, I will work to weave the intricate pieces of staff, programs, supporters, and daily life on the land into unity. 

Barbara McCarthy
Business Manager

I like combining a great work environment with the job that I have as Business Manager. This organization invests in its employees and in the land, and the staff are welcomed to use their inherent abilities to make a difference. I like numbers. My job is like the backbone of this little universe. I have the perfect job for an Ojai resident. 

Hannah Morris
Program Manager

My role is coordinating Ojai Foundation programs with our partners, facilitators, and staff. My move to working with The Ojai Foundation was based on my values and heart to serve others in creative and practical ways. I am passionate about personal transformation and how it relates to building and restoring healthy individuals thus affecting communities and social change. Being on the land has helped me to remember my connection to nature and how essential and transformative it can be. 

Michele Sender
Administrative Assistant

As a result of a constant search for deeper and truer connections, I have come to realize that we can become positive forces in the world only through acts of service. Therefore, in my quest for employment, I did not want just any job by which I could earn a living, but one in which the work is part of the practice. The Ojai Foundation is the kind of organization that each day inspires me in its service to humanity and the natural world. As Administrative Assistant each workday begs the question: "how can I help?"

Katie Heneghan
Volunteer Coordinator and Systems Steward

I was called to The Ojai Foundation because of a deep love for ceremonial and council practices. I enjoy the simple land- and community-based experience that comes with living and working on “the dragon’s back.” You’ll find me welcoming volunteers and others into the community, bringing the practice of Beauty Way to TOF’s administrative systems, and singing impromptu songs. When I’m not at work, I love working with textiles, exploring the inner and outer wilds, and eating ice cream. 

Lucy Pacheco
Lead Storyteller and Marketing Generalist

I am a student of life and lover of wisdom, inspired by the common thread that connects all cultures and traditions. I am grateful for this Land Sanctuary and strive to offer a window into the happenings here, so as to inspire others to experience it for themselves. Outside of TOF, I serve on the Board of Inkarri Cultural Association and love travel, personal transformation and the beauty of the natural world.

Cooper Babcock
Land Steward

I am here to realize the birth of heaven on earth.  For many years The Ojai Foundation has woven into my life... Now, in a mysterious turn of events, it has called me to dance on the hallowed ground once more. I am an earth artist and a landscape designer, in deep listening with the music of Gaia.  My works reflect and magnifies our essential interweaving to this planet and all things.  It has been foretold this land would stand as a pillar of a new civilization on Earth.  It is my joy, passion and mission to help fulfill this prophecy. To awaken the Earth from her age old slumber, to realize our human divinity, to free ourselves from the bonds of illusion, is true North on my compass rose, and the goal of all my efforts in this life. 

Peter Cameron
Land Steward

I'm a listener and a learner who is finding myself more and more surprised by the ways we've decided to live together on this planet. For me these days it's in observing ecology and the habits of plants that I am offered a meditation and insight into neighborliness; land stewardship brings the question of right relationship to a satisfyingly practical edge. Also, I'm inspired by fresh food, children, rites of passage, myth, theater, and goofiness. 

Zeysan Saldusky
Facilities Maintenance

I have seen and experienced the most amazing spiritual places on this earth. I have also witnessed and accepted the deepest horrors of this earth. All of this has been brought together in me and found my passion. To have the opportunity to show people our land and sacred spaces and help them to find their place here brings me so much joy. To learn from all those that pass through is such a great honor. To serve is to open a door, give a tour, pick up a piece of paper, or just be there for one who needs to cry. I don't work here--I serve the land and its people.