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Sunday, July 16, 2017
Sun, 07/16/2017 - 4:00pm to 7:00pm

Mending As Metaphor and The Possibility Project with Ruth Souza, Kath Davis and Kim Pearce

Sunday, July 16th from 4pm to 7pm

Please bring a special piece of clothing or cloth that needs mending and your sewing kit. There will also be materials and beautiful sari cloth available for mending.

The intention of this program is to bring the community together around storytelling, the sacred nature of cloth and mending. Both Mending as Metaphor and The Possibility Project honor the beauty in those things that we might tend to discard - which is to embrace the perfect within the imperfect. This profound teaching is both subtle and far-reaching. 

Connecting through the art of re-purposing and the power of story, the program will bring together the international group of council carriers gathered at the Ojai Foundation with the growing community of Ojai textile artists, makers and menders as well as some of the Los Angeles slow cloth community.


"We gather to still ourselves, share stories, be together and share the joy of restoration on many levels.”  ~ Ruth Souza, Mending as Metaphor

As a council carrier and textile artist, Ruth Souza has been sharing a practice that she calls "Mending as Metaphor" which encompasses coming together to mend our textiles and to also connect, tell stories and expand our vision to see mending as a way of life and being. 

This idea has evolved as Souza’s concerns for the environment around the textile industry, including over-production and waste of clothing and cloth and the ecological damage caused by chemical dyeing and agricultural petrochemicals worldwide. Mending as Metaphor also grew out of Souza’s artistic sensibility as a gleaner — to use what is found and transform it.  Like the “slow food movement,” the “slow fashion movement” raises awareness around the social, economic and ecological issues surrounding the fashion industry. Mending as Metaphor highlights these issues while also providing a council-like context for sitting together in circle, sharing stories and connecting through the art of sewing and mending.

Enter Kath Davis and Kim Pearce of The Possibility Project and slumwear108. Like Mending as Metaphor, Kim and Kath’s Possibility Project and slumwear108 bring attention to the environmental justice and social justice issues surrounding the textile industry.

"The Possibility Project is a social enterprise dedicated to disrupting mindsets into creating possibility. slumwear108 is one way in which we deliver this mindset shift. In collaboration with I-India Jaipur, we create beautiful products out of no-thing and every-thing. We love to think that we are bringing together people’s gifts through ‘commercial unity’ or what we could call ‘comm-unity’.”

The slumwear108 story.

The Indian term for ‘slum’ is Jhuggi, and describes the ability to make what you want out of what you already have. slumwear108 imbues the Jhuggi spirit of resourcefulness. One of our passions at The Possibility Project is to tap into our creative ‘slum’ and nurture the immense value in the resources we have at hand.


The afternoon will begin with a short presentation by Souza on Mending as Metaphor. Her personal story, sample art pieces, and survey of artists and designers bringing new thinking and practices to the fashion industry promises to move and inspire.

Following Souza’s presentation, Kim and Kath will share their presentation, some stories and handmade products from The Possibility Project in Jaipur. 

After the two presentations, participants will share in council format their responses and their own stories and visions of how mending, creativity with cloth and textile activism/social healing might be initiated in their own communities. Participants will be asked to bring meaningful pieces of clothing or cloth to either share stories about or to mend (or both). After the council, participants will be invited to stay for a mending circle for sharing sewing skills, techniques, repairing old saris, and of course, more stories.

Ideally, some attendees will be inspired to continue a mending circle in Ojai

Kim and Kath will show samples at a small pop-up shop of their lovely slumwear108 clothing.



By Donation

All donation proceeds go to TOF. slumwear108 donations go to The Possibility Project.