Council Immersion

Mon, 07/03/2017 - 11:00am to Tue, 07/18/2017 - 5:00pm

The Council Immersion is currently full.

There is availability to participate in select day events.

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This program is designed for people who are already facilitating councils and are familiar with the practice. Come and join a 15-day immersion of diverse trainings, gatherings, and workshops. Connect to your self, others, and nature during your stay at The Ojai Foundation Land Sanctuary--a beautiful, semi-wilderness, 40-acre ridge in the upper Ojai Valley of southern California.

*Tentative Schedule:

Date(s) Program Description Facilitator(s)
July 2 Council in Families We will weave the thread of council in families throughout the days on the land and involve the youth attending the Gathering. Supported by TOF staff and volunteers. Coordinated by Miriam Tassone and Jack Zimmerman.
July 3 Land Walk with Elders A simple ceremonial time to connect to TOF's history and place. TOF Elders
July 4 Interdependence Day Celebration We are all related. Let us meet, weave, and celebrate our interconnected circles. Laura Whitney, Adam Rumack, and Miriam Tassone
July 5 Council in Schools An exploration and reflection on the history, evolution, and challenges of this practice in schools. Joe Provisor, Mark Rosner, and Jane Raphael
July 6 Playing Council A day of games and other creative, playful activities that prepare and support the practice of council. Katrin Lüth, Galit Hanien, and Frédéric Pjie
July 7 Setting the Field Weaving the Immersion and preparing for the Gathering. Gigi Coyle and others
July 7-9 International Council Gathering Join us for a gathering of council carriers from all over the globe. Alan Mobley, Siri Gunnarson, and others
July 10 Council in Families Cont. We will weave the thread of council in families throughout the days on the land and involve the youth attending the Gathering. Supported by TOF staff and volunteers. The coordinators for the youth activities will be Miriam Tassone and Jack Zimmerman.
July 11 Day of Intimacy For couples, singles, and workshop leaders who are involved with intimate relationship as a journey of awakening. Leon Berg, Glori Zeltzer, and Jack Zimmerman
July 12 Council in Community Come to explore different ways of introducing council into community.  Marlow Hotchkiss, Gigi Coyle, and Shay Sloan
July 13 Council in Prison and Social Justice Organizations We will explore emerging program offerings and learnings from the ongoing integration of council into the realm of social justice, corrections, and law enforcement. Jared Seide, Heidi Spencer, and Lise Ransdall 
July 14-16 Council 3 Training An advanced workshop designed for experienced council facilitators who feel called to live the practice.  Marlow Hotchkiss and Leslie Roberts
July 17 Mentoring Day Please join us to explore the meaning and importance of the mentor-mentee relationship. Hosted by the TMC, ECN and Ma'agal Hakshavah (Israel). Led by Jack Zimmerman, Lori Austein, Kate Lipkis, and Bonnie Tamblyn
July 18 Closing Close the container on this immersion with final meetings, ceremony, and next steps. TBD

*subject to change!


Contact to register.
The fee for the full 15-day immersion is $850 which includes:
  • shared accommodations
  • food (1-2 meals per day)
  • International Council Gathering (at a discounted rate of $150, which is included in your total)

Alternatively, you may purchase a "Season Pass" on a sliding scale of $300-$775. This price will cover donations for all the daylong events (no food or accommodation) as well as the International Gathering (covers 1-2 meals per day, but no accommodations). Click here to view some hotel options in Ojai.

You can also register for the weekend council trainings (wait list may apply) and any of the daylong events separately.


We intend to find gifts from your communities and ours so that all may be able to attend and our expenses will be covered….. so that money will not be the reason one cannot attend. As the conveners of this gathering, we want to work together to reach out to those who may not be able to attend the Council Summit, but want to provide support to dedicated council ambassadors. Our hope is that each person will work to raise some of the funds needed from their community and that those who are able to contribute more than their share will do so in support of those who can’t. To support this this event financially, please click here.