Beauty Way Campaign

Sat, 07/23/2016
Taking care of what we've got and finishing what we've started.

Chances are, you’ve left a mark on The Ojai Foundation. Whether you visited as a student, volunteer, staff, board member, teacher, or parent, you contributed in some way to this beautiful land sanctuary and our work here. Perhaps you got your feet in some cob or hauled firewood to the sweat lodge. Maybe it was something as simple as picking a flower or leaving your footprint on the trail. Surely it was a word or a song you chose to share in council. Everyone who comes up the hill leaves a little something behind, and that’s what makes this place such a treasure.

The Ojai Foundation has been created and sustained by groups of committed individuals putting their heads and hearts together in service. Though the details may have changed over the years, the vision has been continuous: one of cooperation, stewardship, and service.

In addition to the many hands that have made work light here, the financial generosity of our loyal donors has been critical for enabling us to continue this stewardship.  This year, we are delighted to share our successful campaign for care of our facilities and completion of ongoing projects. With $60,000 given this past month toward our Beauty Way Campaign, we will be able to improve the care and maintenance of The Ojai Foundation’s 36 acres of facilities and gardens.

The goal of this project (in a nutshell) is to “take care of what we’ve got and finish what we’ve started.” Improvements you can expect to see by next year include better-lighted pathways, an electric gate to keep our sanctuary safe as well as accessible, critical tree care, and the completion of many of our projects including the upper kitchen patio and upper-land “Maha” yurt. All of these projects will improve the experience and safety of our guests and visitors and it is our intention to have this work done “in-house” by staff and volunteers whenever possible.

Which brings us to the next step… Are you interested in joining our team? 

The Ojai Foundation is adding to our team of visionary stewards, calling in dedicated and skilled team members to work collaboratively in manifesting our current goals and dream together of possibilities not yet imagined. A job at The Ojai Foundation is an investment in a more peaceful and generative future our planet, and an act of direct service to the 3,500 youth and adults who visit each year for personal nourishment and transformation. Click here for more information on career opportunities at The Ojai Foundation.

There are so many exciting things happening around here and we certainly hope you can get involved in some way, even if it’s not through employment. There are so many opportunities to nourish The Ojai Foundation whether that’s through our Membership Circle, as a volunteer, or as an attendee in one of our upcoming programs or trainings

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