So what is the Healing Biotopes Vision?

Mon, 09/12/2016
A letter from Benjamin von Mendelssohn.
This Saturday, September 17, we are happy to present several guest teachers from all over the globe in order to facilitate a conversation on collaboration and healing. In the letter below, Benjamin von Mendelssohn, director of The Grace Foundation, gives some background on healing biotopes and their implications for a vibrant, more peaceful future.
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"The dream of the Grace Foundation is to manifest the Healing Biotopes Vision - a network of complex cultural models that aim for, explore and realize system change in crucial areas of life: 
- community building for the emergence of deep trust
- a material base in water, food and energy which is regenerative and healing for the Earth and its inhabitants
- liberating love and sexuality from fear and the collective historical trauma
- accessing the sacredness of life as a spiritual source and as a base for living together
- developing a life practice that matches our cultural goals
- last but not least: realizing a communal economy of sharing and gifting and liberating resources of wealth and power that have been held in family lineages within the current system
Through a network of these centers our interest is to support the distribution of money first into these local peace models and through them into a new global culture of peace.  These Healing Biotopes are greenhouses of trust and education centers at the same time. We focus on these few centers around the world to do as deep a work as possible thereby contributing to and impacting  the overall development on this planet. Our commitment is that the developments and techniques, largely developed in privileged areas of outer peace, must serve all and  include communities in areas of acute crises and marginalized groups around the world.
After some years with the intention to grow a circle of people who strategically join forces and resources for this vision, it starts to come to life now. The last event - which was part of the process of forming a Healing Biotopes' World Council towards this end - took place near Tamera in Portugal in May.
A special group within the Love School under the guidance of Gigi Coyle and myself, explored the dream of such a biotope on Turtle Island and beyond. What would such a cultural model look like in the USA? Are there people who hear it and are ready to commit to the process of starting it? Are there places already in stewardship where the seeds are waiting for more water? Where is it meant to emerge? From these questions a flexible group of YES sprang which NOW carries and fosters this vision. 
The morning of the 17th, we want to share where we stand with this vision in the USA and present the elements to you that we have been exploring for the past four decades in Tamera and related projects.  Part of the sharing will be the Blueprint Project for modules of regenerative living which could be applied in the current refugee crisis and other disaster relief situations as well as in new culture settlements in the more privileged parts of the Earth. We wish to enter a dialogue about our source of hope to bring a much needed systemic change. The exact content will still shape as it is unlikely that all parts of this dream find place in one day. We trust that the elements which need to see and meet each other now can do so.
You are invited to co-create this dialogue through your resonance and feedback. We would love to meet you for this occasion.
In service of healing,
Benjamin von Mendelssohn
with warm greetings from Sabine Lichtenfels and Gigi Coyle"