Songs We Sing Album Now Available by Donation.

Mon, 08/07/2017

Throughout time and across cultures, music and song form the cultural bond that holds community together. Songs We Sing is a selection of songs from the Ojai Foundation community reflecting some of the themes we share in common.  As a way to “call the circle,” these songs have been sung with many visitors and travelers as they pass through the Land on their sacred journeys.  And many have come up, connecting us all in the many circles of life.  This collection represents a rich tradition of singing on the Land and as an ever-growing community, we invite you to bring your song to the circle!

Much gratitude to all the voices that contributed to the creation of this CD: Joann Webb, Bonnie Tamblyn, Stefani Valadez, Lola Long, Shai Ardebilchi, Judy Piazza, Laura Whitney, Irasha Talifero, Amber MacIntyre, Jesse Jessup, Oceanna and Pat Talbot, Stephanie Sacha, Miriam Tassone, Tina Fields, David Listenberger, Leslie Roberts, Siri Gunnarson, Doug Adrianson, Autumn Hallows, Andrew Webb, Coline Tabrum.

Sound and Recording Engineer: Shai Ardebilchi.
Technical Support: Bernie Larson and Andrew Webb.
Produced by Joann Webb and Bonnie Tamblyn.

The album is available by donation, $10-20 suggested. You may send your donation here. Please specify if you would like the digital album emailed to you or the physical album mailed to you (please include $7 shipping costs in your donation if mailing).  If you have any questions, please contact Michele