Supporting the Work of Council throughout the World

Wed, 04/05/2017
A letter from Gigi Coyle regarding our upcoming Council Immersion, its potential global impact, and how you can get involved.
The work of council is becoming increasingly important and relevant in our current reality, as more and more barriers -- both literal and symbolic -- are erected across the globe. Now more than ever, we hope to strengthen connections across the world, promoting authenticity and acceptance. Below is a letter from Gigi Coyle, a TOF Elder and co-author of The Way of Council (along with Jack Zimmerman), explaining the significance of our upcoming Council Immersion, the newly developed Ways of Council website, and what you can do to support the way of council in your local community and beyond.
“Dear Ones, 
We know you are busy doing what needs to be done and we ask you please to take some moments with us. We are asking for your help with building community, solidifying partnerships, strengthening relationships and yes, of course, money is a part of that. We write to you as people who understand the nature of an important part of what’s needed in our world today: Prayer and action… deep listening with all our relations. 
‘To support a project is not about helping something to happen as much as joining in the happening...’
We want to first thank all who supported the emergence of council in the earliest of days and invite those who are newer to the practice to join in the support as well. We have planned a unique Summit in July this year at The Ojai Foundation... an 18 day gathering of council leaders and trainers from different parts of the world, many getting to sit together for the first time. Many countries and communities will be represented including Israel, Turkey, Greece, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Austria, and Germany. Those who will be in attendance are ambassadors for the remembering and carrying of circle practices into many different venues in the times ahead. There is no more important time than now to listen deeply to each other’s stories and to this earth.
Realistically, over half of those coming do not have the means to travel and participate. In many cases, they are leaving their own work and sacrificing the small incomes they have already. We want to support them. We ask you to join us in supporting them!
We have put together their information in the hope you will be inspired to send the smallest to the largest amount possible: $50 to $5,000. All participants will also be looking to raise support within their own communities to strengthen that connection, in preparation to share their story once they’ve returned home.
Jack Zimmerman is coming from Hawaii along with all of the Foundation elders. Such a special moment in our history -- a cross-cultural, inter-generational Council Summit. This gathering is a culmination of a 40-year effort, with council now embedded in many schools, prisons, service organizations and communities. We come together to celebrate, to learn from each other, and to commit to widening the circle.
The total needed is $41,000.
Thank you so very much for any consideration! JOIN IN WHATEVER WAY YOU CAN!
From: Gigi Coyle with Jack Zimmerman and Siri Gunnarson
P.S. Please see our brand new Ways of Council website in development."