Ropes Adventure Course

The Land Sanctuary Ropes Adventure Course is one-of-a-kind.  Set in a beautiful oak grove canyon, and facilitated under the highest risk-management standards, the course offers groups of all ages, corporate teams, and families the opportunity to overcome personal limitations through exciting and rewarding mental, emotional, and physical challenges. With the assistance of our trained staff, such experiences can become doorways into greater self-confidence, improved ability to relate to others, and opportunities to make empowering choices.

Groups are brought closer together through "hands-on" shared achievements that promote a direct experience of collaboration and teamwork. Council and the natural world echo this theme of interdependence: Council helps participants collectively reflect on and integrate their experiences, and the support of the oak trees enhances our relationship with nature.

We design programs for intended purposes, including organizational development, personal growth, team building, celebrations and rites of passage. Our course is easily adapted to people of all ages and abilities.

If you would like learn more about about using our ropes course, please email: or call 805-646-8343 ext 111.