Youth Retreats

For over 20 years, The Ojai Foundation has provided experiences that mark transitions and thresholds for youth of all ages.  Life passages and graduations provide precious opportunities to honor and celebrate our youth, acknowledging an individual's unique significance, sense of truth, personal values, and importance as part of the larger community. 

The Ojai Foundation staff works closely with school and organizational staff to provide a retreat that is designed especially for your group's needs, goals, and intentions.  Students from elementary, middle, and high school groups are welcome for one to five day retreats at the Land Sanctuary or at other off-site nature settings.  Our skilled and trained staff weave Council, team and community-building activities, teachings and practices long held by The Ojai Foundation, ceremony, alone time, art, and community service  to provide for a rich, multi-faceted experience.  In all of our programs, youth live together like a village, bonding as a group, witnessing and supporting each other's path, helping to prepare meals, and listening to the Land. 

In addition to our Threshold Retreats, we offer Ropes Adventure Programs in our unique, natural, beautiful oak-forested course.  

Our intent is to help guide each student to explore the significant transitions of his or her life, clarifying personal values, exploring issues of diversity, and deepening relationship with nature, themselves, and each other.

To inquire about pricing, scheduling, and general information for your group, please call 805-646-8343, ext. 111, or write