At its heart, The Ojai Foundation is a service organization.

To this end, we offer an opportunity to join our community and explore the role of service in one's life through our Path of Service program.

The emphasis is on teamwork, voluntary simplicity and hands-on-service; the context is creating safe and nurturing support for The Ojai Foundation’s programs and guests. The goal is an experience of increased purpose and meaning in one's life. In addition, this program provides time for self-renewal and reflection.

For over 30 years, The Ojai Foundation’s educational center has been a living laboratory of regenerative living, powered by the sun and featuring buildings of straw bale, earth block, recycled materials and other green techniques. Our beautiful, rustic “heart-quarters” occupies 40 acres along a ridge of semi-wilderness at the foot of the Los Padres Mountains in Southern California, between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. Meditation gardens, native habitats, Permaculture principles and the Beauty Way are demonstrated throughout the Land, along with rustic yurts and domes, and close connection with the natural world.

Our common practices include meditation, council circles, mindful work, the Beauty Way and community potlucks as we serve TOF’s mission and offer mindful stewardship of the Land Sanctuary property.