Path of Service Application

We are not currently taking on any more volunteers. Please feel free to submit an application and we will contact you if anything opens up. Applications will be kept on file for 6 months.

The below Path of Service form application is intended for use by Dedicated Volunteer and Docent applicants. To learn more about either, please select from left column.

Departmental Interest
If applying to be a dedicated volunteer, please indicate your departmental interest from 1 to 4 (1=first choice):
If yes, please describe your relationship with this place. If no, enter 'No'
ex. 10/25/2016 - 10/31/2016
If yes, please describe. If no, please enter 'No'
If yes, please explain and list any medications you are taking. If no, please enter 'No'
If yes, please explain. If no, please enter 'No'
If yes, briefly describe experience and level of. If no, please enter 'No'
Due to our close proximity to Besant Hill School and because of youth programs on the land, Work Exchange participants are required to take a Livescan background check (fingerprinting), which must be completed in Ojai within 24 hours of your arrival.
Please add any comments or questions you may have including anything else you feel we should know about you and your reasons for applying.